Get Started 🚀

Among Servers is an easy to use launcher that allows you to connect to completely private Among Us servers, separate from the official servers hosted by Innersloth (the game creators).

Simply download and install the Among Servers launcher and you instantly have access to privately hosted, community servers all around the world. Among Servers is a completely open source project and all source code is available on GitHub. You can download the launcher directly from this page, or build the project yourself.

The Among Servers launcher executable will be downloaded within a ZIP file. Extract the ZIP file and run the launcher and you will see the window shown below.

Among Servers Launcher

The 'Server' list shows every Among Servers server currently online along with the player count and total number of public and private available lobbies.

To connect to a server, press 'PLAY' next to the server that you wish to play on. This will automatically configure and launch your Among Us game so that when you browse for lobbies you will see those available for the server that you picked. The name of the server will also be shown in the bottom right hand corner of the game window.

Please note: if you change your game region you will need to close your game and press 'PLAY' within the Among Servers launcher to reconnect to an Among Servers server. This is also how you can revert to using the official Among Us servers.

That's it! Have fun!

Create Servers 🔥

Setting up your server so that it will appear in the Among Servers launcher only takes two steps.

The underlying private server software is provided by Impostor. Follow their Official Documentation to set up your server and then return to this page for the final step.

Once your server is up and running, the final step is simply to add the Among Servers plugin. Download the plugin to the "plugins" folder within your server's directory (code available on GitHub).

The Among Servers plugin generates a heartbeat which is sent to the Among Servers public API. This is how your server will appear within the Among Servers launcher. The public API must receive a heartbeat from your server every 60 seconds to remain in the list.

  Download Launcher   View Release on GitHub

What is this?

Among Servers is an open source launcher and server plugin that allows you host and join community Among Us servers, separate from the official servers.

Why should I use this?

  • Reliability: more uptime than the official Among Us servers - that's not hard to do though. 😉
  • Privacy: these servers are completely private and separate from the official servers. You can choose how you play the game, and who you play it with.
  • Community: join the ever-growing, centralised Among Us community to enjoy playing both vanilla and modded versions of the game.


Special thanks to the creators of Impostor and those maintaining the project. Among Servers would not be possible without you!